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A sci-fi fantasy where worlds collide. Relic hunters, witches, cyborgs, fairies ... the list goes on. When timelines and universes perfectly align, it could mean the end of all things.


A relic hunter searches for her rarest find yet ... the voice guiding her from inside her head.

Following the pieces of an ancient race scattered across various planets, she seems closer than ever to finding an answer to her ancestors' history.

The planets bring forth a vast expanse of dangers for her to face, all the while protecting the fairy that follows her throughout her journey.

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A murderous brute, a maniacal genius, and a witch ... 

The three most wanted criminals in Tymoré have escaped from the Source Army's maximum security prison. Only they hold the courage to bring to light the reality of the Divine when curtains are drawn.

Hunted by the Source and the Habit, the three unexpected companions struggle to keep their reality from splitting ...


After the collapse of the Milky Way, humanity explores the unknown dangers of the Merrissia System for a place to call home. 

A long-lost relic now found, coinciding with a top-secret scientific venture from the ANRC Naval & Biological Research facility, tucked away in the arctic conditions of the Elpine Mountains reveals an unexpected future for humanity ...

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