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INCLUDES: (1) Paperback


In search of his lost dog, Vansen Graves finds more than he bargained for: an ancient weapon that unleashes doom upon the sleepy town of Autumn Ridge. Alongside his best friends, the Lamplighters (Veda, James, and Lily), what started out as a game has become a dangerous reality. A supernatural threat reveals itself, and soon, the eighth graders are in a battle for their very existence. Ancient foes amass against the teens, wielding a darkness that endangers everyone they know and love. But if there’s one thing the Lamplighters know how to do, it’s fighting monsters. They rally against the diabolic forces and take the battle to the beasts. But will it be enough? Vansen and his friends are all that stands between the darkness and Autumn Ridge … and all of humanity beyond.

Vansen Graves and the Lamplighters: Keeper of the Light

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